Q: There aren't any new weddings up for sale, so I can't tell how much they cost. Clue me in?

A: Queen's weddings cost $200, Prince's weddings cost $50. There is a premium discount of 10% on that price. Additionally, there is an in-game fee of 50 plats for a Queen's wedding and 15 plats for a Prince's wedding. In DR Plat, the in-game fee for a Queen's wedding is reduced to 10 plats.


Q: I really want to purchase a wedding, but none are for sale! Have you discontinued them?

A: No. Weddings usually get updated by the fine folks at the home office around the 1st of the month. Probably what's happened is that we're sold out for all previously offered months, and the new weddings just haven't been put up for sale yet. If you're concerned, write to me at DRTvini@aol.com and let me know. It's always possible that an urgent project has bumped 'update wedding signups' lower on the priority list.


Q: I signed up for an October wedding, but I really want September. Can I do that?

A: Maybe. We'll do our best to work with you if you have special time constraints, but it's going to depend on how booked we already are, and how complex your needs are. I'd rather back it off a month than do a crappy job for any of our customers.


Q: I've been called up! I'm heading overseas! / I'm overseas and have about a two hour time-frame I can do this thing in the next two weeks!

A: If there's one group of people we try to move heaven and earth for, it's players in the service. We'll do our very best to accomodate you. 99% of the time, we can do things on your schedule.


Q: My lying skunk of a bride/groom/significant other left me at the altar! Now what?

A: A few options here. Number 1, we can consider your wedding 'on hold' indefinitely and get back in touch in a couple of months to see if someone new has snatched you up. Number 2, we can deliver your items to you directly, eliminating the ceremony. Number 3, we can call the whole thing a wash and not do anything.


Q: Can I have something from the premium tents as a verbed item?

A: No. Those items are special rewards for the premium members, and we respect Team Premium's desire not to dilute their value.


Q: What if I'm a long-term premium member and could purchase that item on my own?

A: Maybe. Like the right and the left hand, yea, verily, do GM Teams work together. Team Premium has been very willing to work with us in getting premium members what they want for their weddings.


Q: What if I sign up just to get the items and then sell them on the sales lists on Yahoo?

A: We'd really rather you didn't do that. While it may be difficult to believe in these cynical times, we do have couples who genuinely do want to get married, and when you do it just for the items, you're sucking up one of their slots. Naturally, we can't know what's in your mind when you sign up, but at the same time, we didn't just fall off the turnip truck. You know all those grey areas where the call can go either way? I'm just sayin'.