Where do you get your ideas?
Tips from GM Tvini.

There comes a time in almost every GM's life when they are stumped for item or room creation ideas.
I, and several other GMs, have a trick for getting those juices flowing again.

It's called "stealing."

No, wait, it's called "drawing inspiration from outside sources."

How does this work? Let's say I have to come up with 50 items for Trevellyn's of Leth Deriel. Maybe I'm all wedding-ed out and don't have 50 ideas floating around. I need something concrete to act as a springboard.

Searching the web for "bridal fashion" takes me through several links, then to Manolo's shoe blog, to its gallery of horrors, and to this picture. Any picture will do, but this one's got some nice detail to riff off of:
Yeowch. It's hideous, at least in my opinion. But that doesn't matter! We can transform it into something any of our more flamboyant Elanthians would love to wear.
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